GSR E228TJ 22 Meter


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GSR E228TJ 22 Meter

The GSR “TJ” series is known for the exceptional strength and rigidity of the aerial platform and its simple and intuitive operation. The high product quality and excellent performance parameters of the aerial platform with unrestricted outreach at full basket capacity are secured by applying traditional and reliable technical solutions, as well as special steels and boom profiles.


Working height – 21.7m
Outreach – 17.3m
Basket capacity 0 280kg
Turret rotation – 365°
Basket rotation – 85 + 70°
JIB articulation – 125°
GVW min. (to)* – 7.5

The combination of the telescopic boom with a jib and the basket position at the end of the vehicle allow fast, versatile and flexible use. With the fly jib, the user has a further movement available to place the working basket in the best position.

Protected internal hosing together with self-cleaning brushes fitted to the telescopic sections prevent dirt
and debris entering the boom. The hydraulic joysticks are housed for protection, robust and durable and
allow the operator to perform all movements, even at full working height with smoothness and accuracy. Outrigger controls allow for individual leg operation ensuring effective ground contact and levelling on uneven surfaces.

The machines can be fitted on the most popular commercial vehicles starting from 7,5to. Different vehicle installations are possible by varying outrigger configurations and tailoring working envelopes to optimise each mounting.


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